“Don’t Be That Guy”

Well, I’m officially insulted. As election day draws nearer, some politicians are getting a tad desperate, offending many a comic book fan in the process. Maryland State Senator Nancy King just sent out a flier against teacher lay-offs. Sounds pretty innocent, right? Well, it gets a lot less innocent when she implies that the consequence of this lack of education is children reading comic books. As a writer and avid reader of comics, I find it appalling that a candidate for senate is perpetuating the stereotype that comic books are for the uneducated, or have some intrinsic insignificance to them.

Comic books are a valuable literary format, not to mention a stunning visual art form!

Please see other comic enthusiasts’ and professionals’ responses here .

That’s all for now, my fellow geeks and nerds. Live long, prosper, and represent!

  1. Seriously? Wow, that’s a bit silly. Imagine running a political campaign on the platform of purging the world of comic books… don’t these people have better things to do than make unfounded statements against the nerd community?

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