Dent Arthur Dent for Bilbo?!

Hitchiker (original image here)

Now, we all know that listening too closely to any of the Hobbit rumors floating about could be hazardous to our health. We’ve waiting so long and suffered through so many whisperings and alterations in the planning of this film, but perhaps it’s beginning to pay off. It’s not yet fact–please, no one get their hopes up and think it’s fact–but, according to G4, we may soon see the casting of our beloved Bilbo Baggins.

The scuttlebutt is, New Line and MGM are very keen on casting Martin Freeman for the lead.

It’s true, Freeman had previously turned down the role, due to his commitments to BBC’s Sherlock (which, by the way, is great fun), but he may end up with the part yet. New Line and MGM really want him for the role. Wise choice, my studio friends. Wise choice indeed.

Right, everyone. It’s time to cross your fingers. Let’s hope filming of The Hobbit begins ASAP, with Freeman at the lead! (And, hey, Peter, can’t you just sign on to direct the project already?? Much love, the fans.)

PS: Is there anyone else you’d like to see cast in the film?

  1. Haha, that’d be cool! 🙂

    • Indeed! It looks like there’s a pretty good chance of it, too, but we all know how much that means with the way the film is going so far…. *fingers crossed*

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