Firefly Shenanigans

Haven’t had enough of Firefly? Yeah, neither have I. That’s why I make a point of watching every. single. bit. of panel footage I can get my hands on. Oh YouTube, thou hast served me well….

But, since I couldn’t possibly link to all of the fantastic footage fans have taken of the Firefly crew at conventions over the years (wow, what a mouthful!), I’m just going to show you the latest in a series of panels that nearly made me wet myself.

Here on P0serge3k for a limited time (I’m just kidding, it’ll be here forEVER), I present to you Dragon Con 2010: Firefly Panel parts 1 and 2:

I couldn’t stop laughing. I was also very impressed with the quality of the footage. Usually the audience member can’t get a very good seat, or there’s a lot of ambient sound, or the camera shakes so much that I get queasy. But this was very watchable. Double rainbow all the way, in the words of Captain Fillion, er Nathan Reynolds, er–Oh, you know what I mean!

The panel is, of course, much longer than what you see above. If you’re interested in watching the rest, see it compliments of TFAWvideos on YouTube.

Can’t stop the signal!

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