The Public Service Announcement to No One

On the off chance that anyone is really following this blog regularly, I’d like to announce that from 27th Sept. to 23rd Oct. the format of this blog will be different. During that time, I will be participating in a 26.2 day long poetry marathon.

So, a little background: each year, Ithaca, New York’s Community School of Music and Arts hosts the CSMA Arts for all Marathon, in which all sorts of artists can present their works to raise money for CSMA. The proceeds go to a scholarship program which provides financial aid to people in the community who wish to take classes at CSMA.

Thus, for 26.2 (because a marathon is 26.2 miles) days starting next Monday, I will be posting a blog a day, and each post will contain a piece of original poetry. To make it interesting, and to maintain the geek factor of this blog, many of my poems will be about geeky things, like Joss Whedon shows, sci-fi, and comic books. So, if you happen to be reading, you might have fun guessing what each poem is about.

Enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, sponsor me by donating to the CSMA scholarship fund here. (PS: it’s tax deductible). Be sure to mention on the donation form that you’re sponsoring me: Sarah Singer.

Thanks, all!

  1. *waves* I read it! 🙂

  1. September 28th, 2010
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  8. October 6th, 2010
  9. October 7th, 2010
  10. October 8th, 2010
  11. October 9th, 2010
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  18. October 19th, 2010
  19. October 19th, 2010
  20. October 19th, 2010
  21. October 20th, 2010
  22. October 22nd, 2010
  23. October 23rd, 2010
  24. November 7th, 2010
  25. November 7th, 2010

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