Day 4–She Knows Fire

If you still don’t know what’s going on, see my original post here and be sure to donate if you’re able to CSMA (please give my name on the memo line).

It’s a guessing game again!

She Knows Fire

She was young when they first met,
soft hands, fair skin, pale hair, bright eyes.

He was long ago.
He knew blood and pain and darkness.

She could not help but love him.

He tried not to break her heart.

But hearts are fragile,
and he was strong.

She’ll live.
She always does.

He won’t.
He never did.

  1. See, I automatically think of The Girl in the Fireplace, but the ending doesn’t seem right if that’s what that is.

    But still, I love how you manage to say so much in so little space. 🙂

  2. It’s not Girl in the Fireplace, but now that you’ve brought it up, I MUST write a poem about that 😀

    And thank you so much!!!

  3. I thought it was the girl in the fireplace too. And it made me sad…. But I like your poetry!

  4. It’s based on Buffy and Angel, actually 🙂

      • Twin!!
      • October 4th, 2010

      I was gonna guess Buffy/Angel!! woo!! And I love your poems!

    • PaydayPaul
    • October 16th, 2010

    No Joss Wheden faltering here! Twin and I know you all too well.

  5. I KNEW IT WAS BUFFY! Go me ❤

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