Day 7–Crazy Ivan

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Crazy Ivan

How can I explain
what it is to fly
when gravity is far behind
through an endless sky?

How can I explain
the undying thrill
of drifting through the black
the space around so still?

How can I explain?
It takes my breath away
stars un-obscured by sunlight
so there’s no night and day.

How can I explain
what it is to be so free?
A leaf on easy wind
sky none can take from me.

  1. This reminds me of a book I read this summer, called Starclimber. None of the characters was named Ivan, though.

    This is very nice! 🙂

  2. Haha thanks Caitlin! That book sounds good!

  3. how are you!This was a really splendid topic!
    I come from milan, I was luck to find your theme in bing
    Also I get a lot in your blog really thank your very much i will come daily

    • Paul Singer
    • October 16th, 2010

    Oh, no! You’re not going to try a Crazy Ivan, are you? Hang out the spoilers, hit reverse thrust…who’s the geek here, anyway?

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