Day 12–Snow White’s Lament

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Snow White’s Lament

The lace and the comb
my stepmother’s vice.
Vanity, beauty
come at such a price.

But it was the apple
that was my fall.
Sweetness and nature
I devoured it all.

Some called me foolish
but I was so young.
What could I do
once my swan song was sung?

Encased in my coffin
all frosted in glass.
All signs of life gone
and my life breath caught fast.

I never awakened
whatever they say.
Despite coughing up
poisoned apple one day.

Some prince came and snatched me
stole body and soul.
And my mind is still sleeping
In a coffin so cold.

  1. OOOOOH nice twist! I like it! 🙂

    • PaydayPaul
    • October 16th, 2010

    It’s simple, really. Prince though he was, he just wasn’t good enough for you — I mean her!

    • That just made me think of Moulin Rouge. “Why would the cortizan end up with the penniless citar player and not the maha raja?”
      “Because she doesn’t love you!…him. She doesn’t love him.”

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