Day 22–I Am Looking for a Man (No, not like that!)

If you still don’t know what’s going on, see my original post here and be sure to donate if you’re able to CSMA (please give my name on the memo line).

I Am Looking for a Man

I am looking for a man.

He is tall and thin, with a smile that
wrinkles the corners of his brown eyes,
making his teeth gleam.

I’ll know him, when I hear his trainers pound
along the concrete—he is always running,
but I know he tires.

I am looking for his hair,
nut brown and sticking up in all directions.
I am looking for his funny faces,
all wide eyes and twisted mouth.

I’ll know him, when he slips his hand
into mine: that warm grasp,
energizing, adventurous.

I am looking for those eyes that sparkle,
love and mischief and an old, old pain.

I am looking for the freckles on his crooked nose.
How they go off like fireworks when he wrinkles it,
the cogs in his brain working, working,
until, ecstatic, he knows.

I am looking for that man
who makes my heart race just by looking at me.

I am looking for my heart:
I left it with him when we parted.


    It is so Doctor-y and adorable and I love it to bits. 🙂

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