Day 26–Those Who Wander

Yes, this was meant to be posted yesterday. My apologies!

If you still don’t know what’s going on, see my original post here and be sure to donate if you’re able to CSMA (please give my name on the memo line).

The following poem concludes my twenty six day Arts for All poetry marathon for the Community School of Music and Arts in Ithaca, NY. Thank you to everyone who donated, and to everyone who would have donated had they the means.

This is another poem made from scraps of music and quotes that I enjoy, and also from some of the crazy things that collide in my brain. Recognize anything?

Those Who Wander

Like puzzle pieces out of clay
We wander o’er the land
Wishing all our lives away
With teardrops in our hands.

We’ve made our way to such great heights
And braved the warning signs
We’ve fixed our eyes to gruesome sights
And steeled our yearning minds.

The cemeteries of London wept
To see our summer skin
Left on mausoleum steps
Where no man since has been.

We looked like giants as we stood
Upon the lattice frost
But still we learned all that we could
Singing: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

    • Payday Paul
    • October 23rd, 2010

    Please don’t stop now! They just keep getting better. This one had me in tears – which is a little hard to explain here at work.

    Obviously I of all people recognized the Tolkien quote. The rest rang no bells, but I loved it all . Upon the lattice frost — absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • Aw! Tell the guys at the range you’re crying because there’s a gun you want that you can’t afford…. Plausible?

      And thank you!!

  1. I LOVE that Tolkien quote. Also this poem. Yay Sarah!

    • Caley
    • October 24th, 2010

    I LOVE it! You are so talented!

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