A Comic Rant (*spoilers ahead*)

***Read no further if you have any qualms about Buffy Season 8 spoilers.***

Okay. I warned you.

You know how sometimes you just don’t like a storyline?!? Yeah, well, this is one of those times.

Admittedly, I don’t know what’s happening in this issue of Buffy Season 8 (because I haven’t read it yet), but it illustrates my point, and that point is no, no, no, no, NO! What is happening here? Why in the name of all that is holy are Xander and Dawn in a relationship? Have we forgotten the fact that Xander has been a caregiver to Dawn for a good portion of her life? He’s babysat her. He’s driven her to high school on his way to work (at his job, which he has because he’s an ADULT)! Does no one else find this cringe worthy? It’s almost as bad as Cordelia’s little tryst with Connor. Okay. Not quite as sketchy, but still, how do we go from this:

to THIS?!

Bleh…. I’m serious. It sends little shivers of revulsion down my spine. I am very much not okay with this pairing. If I were Buffy, Xander wouldn’t be so much a person anymore as he would be a sack of bruises. I don’t think it’s healthy. Age difference aside, the big-brother/caretaker role morphing into the romantic partner smacks a little too much of incest to me.

Here’s a nifty idea, they could have simply not killed Renee off. I loved her.

I know. That was always just a pipe dream. We all knew she was going to die as soon as Xander started crushing on her. And…


Of course, there are plenty of other odd things that have happened in the Buffy comic books. Buffy experimenting with being a lesbian, for instance. I have absolutely no problem with lesbians. I’m a Buffy fan, for god’s sake–Willow and Tara all the way! But what an incredibly awkward pairing! Especially since Buffy is straight. That’s just part of her character. I feel like she’s a little too old and a little too self-aware to have an experimentation stage. Isn’t that what college is for?

And then there’s Oz and his new gal. Their whole situation is just odd. I always figured he would be on tour with Dingo Ate My Baby. I miss wears-lots-of-black-Oz. I’m not particularly fond of one-with-nature-Oz.

“We get it,” you’re saying. “You don’t like the direction the comic books are going. Here’s a novel idea: stop reading them.” You have a fair point, imaginary reader, but here’s the rub: I need my Buffy fix. It’s an addiction, I know. Let me know when they establish BTVS Anonymous. I’ll consider getting help.

Until then, resist the Xander/Dawn love!

  1. November 12th, 2010

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