Updates about Dorming

This is to all the Doubts about Dorming fans who may have found their way to this blog:


Hey guys, I know it’s been a long, lonely while since Doubts About Dorming has posted a proper video. Don’t fret. We’re on it. In the mean time, how about a project?

There’s this You Tube channel called TheStation2, and they find unknown artists on You Tube to feature, in order to boost deserving channels’ subscriptions and views. The link to TheStation2’s latest video is below. How would you guys feel about letting them in on the glorious secret of Doubts About Dorming (or any other great You Tube channel, for that matter)?

Your task is simple: Leave a comment to this video in this sort of format:
Channel: Doubts About Dorming
User: Enya0742
Style: Sketch comedy
Watch: “Episode 4: Hoarding” and “Love Should DIE!”
Subscribers: 22
The video quality isn’t great, but they’re really funny. Imagine The Allen and Craig show on a smaller budget, and with an all-female cast.

You may be interested to know that the above quote is a comment one of DaD’s fans left for TheStation2 already. Thanks, blackstardust42 (although we actually have 23 subscribers)!

Anyway, we need all the support we can get on this, so thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. Oh, and don’t forget, Project for Awesome is this Friday! Are you ready?

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