So…I’m not dead.

Hello, gentle readers. I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’ve been absolutely helpless in my absence. What kept me away for so long, you ask. If you must know, I’m in London! Yes, my friends, I’m in the midst of a brilliant semester abroad in the land of Doctor Who, Being Human, and the most beautiful men on earth. Seriously. I think instead of putting fluoride in the water here, they pour in hotness.

Moving on! I have a few things to share with you, some of which are a bit belated. Give me a break, okay, I had to fly all the way over here (and boy are my arms tired–badum ch!), find a flat, and start classes! Plus, I left my time turner at home. No, really. It’s sitting in my bedroom along with the rest of my Harry Potter memorabilia and the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings action figures that designate me a hopeless nerd.

So, first order of business: Fringe. As you may know, it’s awesome. And the really incredible thing about it, it just keeps getting awesome-er as the series goes on. Exhibit A, Marionette. Creepy, beautiful–all in all, completely wonderful. It really blew me away. Also, not surprisingly, it reminded me of an episode of Buffy. (Some Assembly Required, anyone?)

For your viewing pleasure:

While we’re on the subject of Fringe , I really enjoyed this list from SyFy’s Blastr. Especially the bit about the comic books, which I totally spotted in-episode. I was pretty excited about the Red Arrow and Red Lantern. I recall thinking, “I would go to the other side just to read the comic books” and then scolding myself for my willingness to tear a hole in the fabric of reality simply to satisfy my love of graphic literature.

In other news, I love Joss Whedon. Please, try to contain your shock. The reason I say this is because I introduced a friend to Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog recently and I remembered how badly I wanted to know what happened next. And then I thought about how sad it is that Doctor Horrible II hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen. But, we must console ourselves with the knowledge that Doctor Horrible II probably won’t happen because Joss is busy writing The Avengers (ohmygodyesIcan’twait!) and Neil Patrick Harris is busy working on How I Met Your Mother. Legen–wait for it, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second part of this word is–dary.

Legendary. See what I did there. I referenced HIMYM and I formed the word legendary. Yeah.

Okay, I promise I’m almost done. Two more short super hero themed comments:

1. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Okay, I’m a heterosexual female, but even so, I have to say, she is going to be SO sexy.

2. After the travesty that was this image (I won’t have it sullying the face of my blog), Fox finally released some high quality, fantastic X-Men First Class pictures!

I am pleased. Yes, very pleased.

Right, well, I’ll let you lot get back to reality, and I’ll continue looking up pictures of super heroes on the internet. Hey, I lead a full life.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing NBC’s The Cape, so stay tuned.

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