I Am Not a Caper

Okay, I went easy on The Cape in my last post. But, seriously, folks. It’s getting old.

What sparked yet another Cape post? This AOTS clip.

Great interview, if you ask me. Clearly, I’m a big fan of Summer Glau, and I love me some Kevin Pereira. But as far as The Cape discussion went, it was just a big eye-roller for me.

First of all, Orwell is not a new breed. “Your character on The Cape,” Kevin begins, “Do you think this will spark a sort of new trend of crime fighting bloggers out there?” Apparently, Kevin is using the term “new” very loosely, because surely we all remember this bad ass blogger:

But that’s not even what got to me most. No, that honor goes out to this little gem of a statement:

Kevin: Your character Orwell is this sort of…this big mystery, even in the show. Do you know your character’s back story?

Mystery? What mystery? It feels disingenuous to even put a spoiler warning for this, but here goes: if you’ve been watching The Cape but have somehow failed to deduce that Orwell is Chess’s daughter–oops, now you know. Come now, did we learn nothing from my last post? Okay, here are the facts. We know Chess has a daughter who has either gone missing or run away. We know Orwell came from a life of luxury that she doesn’t much care to talk about. And (here’s the kicker everyone. Man, I feel like Sherlock Holmes) we saw Chess staring at a music box with a ballerina in it as Orwell performed a pretty tissue dance at the circus.

Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think that music box was Chess’s favourite childhood toy. And I certainly don’t think the continuity between those two shots was an accident. I’m sticking by my theory. And I’m thinking kick ass super hero costumes aren’t a good enough reason to keep watching a television show. I’ll give it a few more episodes, see if it improves, but don’t expect to be hearing much more about The Cape from me. (Go on, pretend to be sad to boost my self esteem. You good?)

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