DON’T let the robots do the work for you!

Ladies and gentleman, beware. This is the first step in the annihilation of humankind:

Alright, clearly we’ve learned nothing from sci-fi. First of all, what good can come of a company called “iRobot?” Does the name Isaac Asimov mean nothing to you people? And have we learned nothing from Asimov’s book of the same name, or from the Terminator franchise? Or Battlestar Galactica? Or, for that matter, Frankenstein?

Clearly it’s not a new concept. As BSG reminded us (quoting Disney’s Peter Pan) “All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” Science-fiction writers have been theorizing about the dangers of artificial intelligence since before it was called artificial intelligence, so forgive me for being a little wary about our endeavors to make robots “work for us.” Sure, first they’re just cleaning floors, but then they’re flipping our pancakes, playing us in chess, talking, and then one day, they’ll realize they’re being oppressed, revolt, and kill us all in our sleep.

Our future robot overlords may not end up being called Skynet, they may not nuke our planet, and they may never figure out time travel, but they will rise. Mark my words….

On a related note, I’m always looking to have the profound last word, but it doesn’t always go my way.

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