It’s an epic Where’s Waldo, Hide-and-Seek, Royal Wedding-Trumping event

Oh, that kind of event. Got it.

So…I’m never exactly excited about the loss of life, but I do enjoy the barrage of funny tweets and Facebook statuses that have resulted from Osama bin Laden’s death. Observe.

From my Facebook friends we have gems such as:

Told you I have friends.

And my personal favourite:
More death.

Also, from the Facebooks of the youth of Utah (my friend Andrea’s friends) we have:

Will somebody draw me a picture of Obama shooting Osama with a bayonetted civil war rifle that is actually a laser gun? I would like that.
Comment: And Osama is a vampire.

Osama Bin Laden: world hide and go seek champion 2001-2011.

Voldemort: 1. Osama: 0.

And from Twitter:

Apparently this is a comedic goldmine.

Plus two lovely visual aids:

Seth and Zach. What winners.

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