Witty blog title followed by explanatory subtitle

Me: This looks horribly familiar.

HBO: You’re seeing it now for the first time!

Me: If you say so–wait! I know exactly where I’ve seen that before!

Yeah…HBO’s ripping off one of my favourite comedy duos, Britanick. I got the news on Facebook earlier today as Nick posted the HBO video with this tagline: Veiled statement casually accusing a TV Network of plagiarism while at the same time expressing flattery.

Well, he’s never not funny, that’s for sure!

Anyway, this sort of irritates me (a lot), but the flood of fan support for Britanick in the HBO video’s You Tube comments ALMOST makes it worth the theft.

A few of the best:

And a thousand voices will be raised, crying, “NOOOOOO! They ripped off BriTANick, and did a p*ss-poor job of it, to boot!” And people everywhere will condemn the big network for ripping off brilliant artists without so much as an acknowledgment. (via allegritah)

“Watch something you haven’t seen a million times before”?? Really??? How about 2,555,334 times before?

Besides, Nick Kocher is MUCH more devastingly handsome. (via QuiteOrdinary)

And on Facebook:

“expression of sympathy followed by vague question about copyright law?” (via Roxanne Palmer)

Wait. When did this blog become me quoting other people’s humor from social media networks? Sorry guys, clearly there’s something hinky going on with my funny bone. That, or I just wasn’t funny to begin with. Yeah, it’s probably the latter. Go watch some Britanick. They’ll entertain you.

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