A Few of My Favourite Things

Hey! Remember how I love Doctor Who? And remember how I love Neil Gaiman? And remember how I love charlieissocoollike? Well, now all three are together in one beautiful TARDIS shaped package full of wacky hair and British accents! Yes, all is right with the world.

You see, many moons ago, Neil Gaiman posted this picture on his Twitter account: 

Which of course made the little fangirl in me make truly mortifying excited noises.

Around the same time, Charlie McDonnell (AKA You Tube’s charlieissocoollike) gave us this lovely teaser image: 

And it’s entirely possible that my heart stopped beating for a spell. I’m better now.

In any case, these mystifying pictures culminated in an episode of Doctor Who complete with funny bits, scary bits, sad bits, and running about bits–all Neil Gaiman’s favourite bits–written by Gaiman himself. Impressive. The episode, entitled ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ was everything we could want from the series, which I’m sure Gaiman would be pleased to hear. He and Charlie had a nice chat about the episode, the TARDIS, and the program in general, and BBC graced us with the footage earlier today. 

Brilliant! Bravo Charlie and Neil! I laughed, I cried, it changed my life. Alright, really I just laughed. Still, well worth the 7:07 minutes. (By the by, was that intentional? Seven is an awfully magical number for an awfully magical trifecta of awesome.)

In other news, Neil and Charlie aren’t the only ones who’ve spent time with the TARDIS.

Shut up fangirl! Quiet!

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