The 21st Century is when everything changes… (minor spoiler)

Will you be ready?

YES!!!! In a beautiful display of the universe’s goodness, Torchwood is returning–and not only that, but it’s returning with new writers, including the illustrious Jane Espenson! You may know her from Battlestar Galactica or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I, for one, am thrilled. See, Torchwood has a lot of potential. It’s dark, sexually charged, and intense (although sometimes a little melodramatic), but the best part of the show is its balance between heavy plots and witty dialogue. What better writer to walk that tightrope than Espenson? If anyone can do quick wit, it’s a Joss Whedon alum, and Battlestar Galactica practically invented heavy plots.

So, I’m excited to see what the new season has in store, especially given where Children of Earth left off. Jack’s in a bad place, but I think Gwen and Ianto can bring him back. By the way, RIP, Tosh and Owen.

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It’s like time travelling…

Except far less exciting. But I wanted to throw a couple of links out there which are a little bit dated. Here’s hoping they’re enjoyed anyway!

This is a little article for any Chuck fans…,17241/

…and this is G4 being awesome…

…and here’s Ben Kingsley being hilarious.

I just re-read/watched them, and they were still funny the second time around, so I feel okay about posting them here.

In other news, my computer is officially virus free. It was looking bad there for a while, but Super Dad came to the rescue, so the people of…my house…can sleep easily once more!

“Space, the final frontier” never seemed so fitting

A little something to intrigue/annoy/amuse you:


I thought it was pretty gorram funny, but that’s just me.

This made me cry just a little…

So, I’m a huge Firefly fan. Thus, Gina Torres’s Firefly fantasy from a recent interview made me very happy:

“PW: What about Zoe — where is she now that Wash has died?
Gina: I will tell you my fantasy: Zoe was pregnant when all that went down [her husband died] and she’s got this little beige, curly red headed baby running around the ship. Jayne’s trying to teach him about Vera [laughs] and he and I fight because I think the kid should learn about guns from me. Kaylie [sic] & Simon are very happy. It’s a better-verse. And Mal, well, Mal’s still just a little twisted. His communication skills have not improved. But he’s a good uncle Mal and I just think we’re all still flying. I’m by his side. That’s Zoe.”

You can find the whole interview here:

Let the juicy tidbits flow!

That sounded wrong. Anyway, notice in my first link–for well, no one, since I haven’t any readers–that the URL boasts a fourteen point list, but really there are only twelve items, so don’t get your hopes up.

Pay special attention to #s 1, 2, 9, and 11. Do feel free to ignore #8.

So it begins…

Tonight, I am watching footage from San Diego Comic Con 2010 and wishing I could have attended. I am skimming Twitter, YouTube, and other websites to find juicy tidbits of information, and suddenly it occurs to me that maybe–just maybe–I could share these tidbits with like-minded individuals (geeks, nerds, etc.). This seems like a good idea–though it may not at a later date. Eh, I say, live in the now. Thus, let the blogging begin!