The Avenging Firefly

Sounds like a crappy super hero, but really it’s just my lame attempt at a punny yet informative title.

So, basically I just wanted to geek out over the upcoming The Avengers film a little more, and this footage from the Oscars red carpet gave me the perfect opportunity!

So, basically, awesome. I mean, we all knew Joss was a ninja, but how exciting is it to hear it from someone as kick ass as Jeremy Renner? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m thrilled that he’s been cast as Hawkeye. Granted, that’s mostly just because I remember him fondly as Penn from the Angel episode ‘Somnambulist,’ and also as Detective Walsh in The Unusuals. (Great show! Never watched it? You should!) Still and all, The Avengers is sure to be incredible, and I am bursting with excitement.

And…I’m over it. On to other matters: Firefly. (This is where you pretend to act surprised and try not to roll your eyes too pointedly.) Now, Browncoats all around the world have heard about the Science Channel’s airing of the series, which begins 6th March of this year, and Browncoats all around the world (myself included) have voiced their excitement. However, many (again, myself included) have also expressed concern. We all remember how Fox aired the episodes out of order and didn’t even bother showing three episodes, right? And what if the Science Channel made that same mistake??

Fear not, gentle readers, for the Science Channel will be airing Firefly in full, starting with the pilot–it’s not that hard a concept, Fox–and including ‘Trash,’ ‘The Message,’ and ‘Heart of Gold,’ which were not aired as part of the original series run. Rejoice!

And, if that’s not enough awesome for you in one post, ladies and gentleman, the musical stylings of Boba Fett:

Don’t say I never gave you anything.


I Would Never Use This Soap

‘Genuine A-grade soapstuffs. Protein, vitamins, certified pure essential oils. One of these’ll wash a family for a month. Longer, if they don’t like their kids too well…’

Image of Alliance Soap Bar

That’s right folks, some ingenuitive Browncoat has created the best of the best here: strawberry scented soap in the shape of an alliance nutrient bar. The amount of win contained in this little beauty is hard to fathom. Plus, it’ll leave you looking shiny.

Still, I’d never use it. I didn’t support unification OR their personal hygiene habits, gorram it!

But, if you’re interested, I suppose I won’t hold it against you. You can buy the soap here.

I Wonder

Apparently we have a new Wonder Woman. NBC’s new Wonder Woman series, set to come out some time in 2011 (don’t bog yourself down with details–just enjoy my rant!) will star Adrianne Palicki, best known for her role on Friday Night Lights. Now, I have nothing against the actress. She played Jess in Supernatural, which definitely put her in my good graces. But, honestly, look at her. She is not Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is meant to be a very different kind of beautiful. More woman and less Barbie. Some fans have expressed a desire to see Bridget Regan play the role, and I have to say, I approve.

There was also brief talk in fan circles of Miracle Laurie–another actress I could get behind as Wonder Woman–taking up the Lasso of Truth. Now, there has yet to be any clever fan art of this on google, but just look at the girl.

Darken up the hair, give her a weird tiara-thing (yeah, I’m girly), and she’d be good to go!

Still, I guess anyone’s better than Megan Fox.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Lost? Read the comments in these AOTS posts.

I Am Not a Caper

Okay, I went easy on The Cape in my last post. But, seriously, folks. It’s getting old.

What sparked yet another Cape post? This AOTS clip.

Great interview, if you ask me. Clearly, I’m a big fan of Summer Glau, and I love me some Kevin Pereira. But as far as The Cape discussion went, it was just a big eye-roller for me.

First of all, Orwell is not a new breed. “Your character on The Cape,” Kevin begins, “Do you think this will spark a sort of new trend of crime fighting bloggers out there?” Apparently, Kevin is using the term “new” very loosely, because surely we all remember this bad ass blogger:

But that’s not even what got to me most. No, that honor goes out to this little gem of a statement:

Kevin: Your character Orwell is this sort of…this big mystery, even in the show. Do you know your character’s back story?

Mystery? What mystery? It feels disingenuous to even put a spoiler warning for this, but here goes: if you’ve been watching The Cape but have somehow failed to deduce that Orwell is Chess’s daughter–oops, now you know. Come now, did we learn nothing from my last post? Okay, here are the facts. We know Chess has a daughter who has either gone missing or run away. We know Orwell came from a life of luxury that she doesn’t much care to talk about. And (here’s the kicker everyone. Man, I feel like Sherlock Holmes) we saw Chess staring at a music box with a ballerina in it as Orwell performed a pretty tissue dance at the circus.

Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think that music box was Chess’s favourite childhood toy. And I certainly don’t think the continuity between those two shots was an accident. I’m sticking by my theory. And I’m thinking kick ass super hero costumes aren’t a good enough reason to keep watching a television show. I’ll give it a few more episodes, see if it improves, but don’t expect to be hearing much more about The Cape from me. (Go on, pretend to be sad to boost my self esteem. You good?)

Cape Fringe

The Fringe Cape, the Cape of Fringe…I don’t know where I’m going with this. But clearly, this post is going to be about The Cape and Fringe.

First, The Cape, because I did promise.

So, from a visual standpoint, I’m pretty pleased. Yes, the special effects are truly pitiful, but I really like Vince’s costume:

(and his face–what? Who said that?)

Also, I’m loving the intro. It’s so comic book-licious.

Not surprisingly, the show is pretty high on the cheese factor. I’m getting incredibly sick of the random flashbacks to happier days. It was appropriate for the sequence in “Tarot” when Vince was on the verge of death by poisoning, but it lived on into the next episode, and I’m not pleased with that. The dialogue could use some help as well, but David Lyons (Vince) and Summer Glau (Orwell) carry it well. As per usual, I’m impressed with Summer’s overall performance and, heavy handed as it was, I loved the scene in “KOZMO” in which she performed on the tissue, superimposed with Chess’s ballerina music box. (Can anyone guess who Orwell really is? God, I’m like Sherlock Holmes.)

I think it’s become a rule of television that Summer Glau must do something ballet related in every role she takes. Quite right, television gods. Quite right.

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B (in awesome fan-vid form): 

Exhibit C:

Enough about The Cape. Clearly, I’m on a Fringe kick lately, so let’s continue that, shall we? And let’s continue it in the form of everyone’s favourite rant: FOX is evil!

You may have heard of FOX’s Friday night death slot. It’s where they like to shove their sci-fi shows and then feign shock when those shows  fail and have to be cancelled. Let’s recount all the brilliant sci-fi shows on FOX that have found themselves in that slot (it’s an abridged list, because I’ve only included the shows I care about. You’re reading my blog, expect bias.):

Dark Angel (2000-2002) 

Firefly (2002-2003) 

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009)

Dollhouse (2009-2010)

Well, now Fringe has entered the death slot, and I can already see FOX digging the show’s grave. So unfair. SO not cool. So FOX. That should just be an adjective from now on. Like, when the Terminator killed Kyle Reese? That was so FOX. When Anakin Skywalker murdered all those Padawan learners? Totally FOX.

I’d call this a productive post. Do me a favour and add FOX to your lexicon. Good night and good luck!

So…I’m not dead.

Hello, gentle readers. I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’ve been absolutely helpless in my absence. What kept me away for so long, you ask. If you must know, I’m in London! Yes, my friends, I’m in the midst of a brilliant semester abroad in the land of Doctor Who, Being Human, and the most beautiful men on earth. Seriously. I think instead of putting fluoride in the water here, they pour in hotness.

Moving on! I have a few things to share with you, some of which are a bit belated. Give me a break, okay, I had to fly all the way over here (and boy are my arms tired–badum ch!), find a flat, and start classes! Plus, I left my time turner at home. No, really. It’s sitting in my bedroom along with the rest of my Harry Potter memorabilia and the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings action figures that designate me a hopeless nerd.

So, first order of business: Fringe. As you may know, it’s awesome. And the really incredible thing about it, it just keeps getting awesome-er as the series goes on. Exhibit A, Marionette. Creepy, beautiful–all in all, completely wonderful. It really blew me away. Also, not surprisingly, it reminded me of an episode of Buffy. (Some Assembly Required, anyone?)

For your viewing pleasure:

While we’re on the subject of Fringe , I really enjoyed this list from SyFy’s Blastr. Especially the bit about the comic books, which I totally spotted in-episode. I was pretty excited about the Red Arrow and Red Lantern. I recall thinking, “I would go to the other side just to read the comic books” and then scolding myself for my willingness to tear a hole in the fabric of reality simply to satisfy my love of graphic literature.

In other news, I love Joss Whedon. Please, try to contain your shock. The reason I say this is because I introduced a friend to Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog recently and I remembered how badly I wanted to know what happened next. And then I thought about how sad it is that Doctor Horrible II hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen. But, we must console ourselves with the knowledge that Doctor Horrible II probably won’t happen because Joss is busy writing The Avengers (ohmygodyesIcan’twait!) and Neil Patrick Harris is busy working on How I Met Your Mother. Legen–wait for it, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second part of this word is–dary.

Legendary. See what I did there. I referenced HIMYM and I formed the word legendary. Yeah.

Okay, I promise I’m almost done. Two more short super hero themed comments:

1. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Okay, I’m a heterosexual female, but even so, I have to say, she is going to be SO sexy.

2. After the travesty that was this image (I won’t have it sullying the face of my blog), Fox finally released some high quality, fantastic X-Men First Class pictures!

I am pleased. Yes, very pleased.

Right, well, I’ll let you lot get back to reality, and I’ll continue looking up pictures of super heroes on the internet. Hey, I lead a full life.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing NBC’s The Cape, so stay tuned.

Project for Awesome 2010!

It’s time folks! My video is in the process of uploading on the slowest Wi-Fi connection I have ever encountered (yes, slower than IC’s), so in the meantime, here’s a great way to participate!

Also, go to the Project for Awesome page to follow along:
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