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A Study in Caped Crusaders

Hey. Been a while. How are the kids? Me? Oh, I’m fine. Writing. Reading some comics. What’s that? I haven’t blogged in a while? I guess that’s true. Why don’t I tide you over with a little something to make you smile?

How’d I do? You loved it? Great! Glad to hear it!


Put on your spandex boys and girls, it’s swimsuit season–superhero style!

Looking for a way to spice up your beach wardrobe? You could always go comic book with these suits from Splish Competition Swimwear. The site caters mainly to athletic swimmers, but who says you can’t wear a speedo or a racer’s one-piece to a pool party? Especially when the designs are so much fun! (Do I sound like an info-mercial? I wanna sound like an info-mercial!)

Go patriotic at your 4th of July beach BBQ with the ultimate American hero:

Or make friends with the fish in this suit (there’s even a speedo version for the dudes):

And this is what would happen if Wonder Woman and the Flash had a kid (please no):

In their article about the suits, Comics Alliance recommends picking up this swim-tux to channel Zatanna (should I pull a seagull out of my hat?):

but I prefer user KrakaDOOM’s idea: “The tuxedo bathing suit could easily work for Alfred. Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need someone to bring your drinks or field dress a wound.”

Damn straight, KrakaDOOM, damn straight.

It’s Hard to Pick Just One

In light of this gargantuan poll by SFX: I’ve decided to let everyone in on my top pick for each of the SFX Top 200 Characters Poll categories.

Let’s begin:

Favourite Robots & Androids
K9 (Doctor Who) K9 (courtesy of BBC )

Favourite Monsters, Supernatural Beings & Fantasy Creatures
Dream/Morpheus (Sandman)

Dream (courtesy of Chronicle Books)

Favourite Superheroes & Comic-Book Characters

Batman (courtesy of studiodaily)

Favourite Alien
Spock (Star Trek)

Spock (courtesy of nerdles)

Favourite Sages, Mentors And Boffins
Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Giles (courtesy of SFX)

Favourite Villains
The Joker (Batman)

Joker (courtesy of MovieHole)

Favourite Anti-Heroes, Accidental Good Guys And Dodgy Do-Gooders
Doctor Horrible (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog) Dr. H (courtesy of SFX)

Favourite Vampires
Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel)

Spike (courtesy of TVsquad)

Favourite Hero
**Okay, this one is extremely difficult, so it’s going to have to be a tie. I made the rules, I’m allowed to break them!**
Doctor Who

Dr. Who (courtesy of SFX)
Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Mal (courtesy of

Favourite Heroin
**Of course, I’m going to go with my namesake–wouldn’t you?**
Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures) SJS and Four (courtesy of 21 PIMLICO )