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Things I Am Excited For

Hello, reader! It’s been a while. Have you come for a bit of entertainment? I think I can oblige. How would you like it if I read your mind?

I know. You’re thinking, “I’ve said no. Why’s she still talking?” Now you’re thinking, “Fair enough. Maybe she really can read minds.” I can. And now you’re thinking, “Is this what she’s been doing for the past month? Working on her telepathy?”

That would be a good excuse for my blog post deficit, but sadly, that is not the case. Honestly, though, would you rather a month’s dry spell from P0serge3k or five consecutive posts about Harry Potter and how it shouldn’t be over and how the books are just as brilliant now as they were the day I first read them?

That’s what I thought.

So, moving on! A week from tonight, Doctor Who returns from its mid-series break with premeditated murder, the third reich, and continuing epic-ness from one Rory Williams. (See below.)

Speaking of perfect human beings (which Rory technically isn’t [trust the plastic!]), Joss Whedon is working his magic on The Avengers even as we speak, and I couldn’t be more excited. Recent footage shows general awesomeness, also available below:

And my final tidbit for the evening: season 7 of Supernatural. The new season premiers 23rd September, and sports a mini Buffy/Angel reunion in episode 5, “Shut Up, Dr. Phil,” which will guest star both James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter. As a couple. Be excited–I know I am!


A Few of My Favourite Things

Hey! Remember how I love Doctor Who? And remember how I love Neil Gaiman? And remember how I love charlieissocoollike? Well, now all three are together in one beautiful TARDIS shaped package full of wacky hair and British accents! Yes, all is right with the world.

You see, many moons ago, Neil Gaiman posted this picture on his Twitter account: 

Which of course made the little fangirl in me make truly mortifying excited noises.

Around the same time, Charlie McDonnell (AKA You Tube’s charlieissocoollike) gave us this lovely teaser image: 

And it’s entirely possible that my heart stopped beating for a spell. I’m better now.

In any case, these mystifying pictures culminated in an episode of Doctor Who complete with funny bits, scary bits, sad bits, and running about bits–all Neil Gaiman’s favourite bits–written by Gaiman himself. Impressive. The episode, entitled ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ was everything we could want from the series, which I’m sure Gaiman would be pleased to hear. He and Charlie had a nice chat about the episode, the TARDIS, and the program in general, and BBC graced us with the footage earlier today. 

Brilliant! Bravo Charlie and Neil! I laughed, I cried, it changed my life. Alright, really I just laughed. Still, well worth the 7:07 minutes. (By the by, was that intentional? Seven is an awfully magical number for an awfully magical trifecta of awesome.)

In other news, Neil and Charlie aren’t the only ones who’ve spent time with the TARDIS.

Shut up fangirl! Quiet!

It has to be just very complicated Solitaire

It’s me–I’m back!

Did you miss me?


Well bugger off and read someone else’s blog then.

No, please stay!

All right, stop that! It’s silly. And a bit suspect, I think.

But really, after three weeks of final exams, stressful travel, exploits in NYC, and melting in the Florida heat, I’ve returned, and I’ve got things to tell you!

On today’s edition: Good Omens. They’re positive portents, they’re pleasant predictions, pleasing prophecies…I’ll stop. Really, I’m talking about the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It’s a funny little book. It looks like this…

…or like this…

…or, more often, some derivation of this

Anyway, I’m a writing major and a religious studies minor, so this book is more or less my bible. The irony is not lost on me. Given the season finale of Supernatural–shining in all its sacrilegious glory (my kind of glory to the tee), full of ***SPOILERS*** rebelling angels, apocalypses averted (twice), deals with devils, and new gods–I’ve had religion on the mind. Especially Christianity, especially relating to heaven, hell, angels, demons, God, Satan, and especially the apocalypse.

What with the rapture coming and going more or less unnoticed (see, I didn’t want to go to heaven on Saturday–I’d have missed Doctor Who), I’ve been thinking a lot about what a funny thing an apocalypse is. If you ask me, contradictions are more or less inherent in its nature. The foremost of which is best represented by a rather blasphemous opinion I hold: heaven sounds painfully boring. I quite like earth, thank you very much, despite–no, because of all its flaws. What’s the point of life (or afterlife as the case may be) if there are no problems to solve, no conflicts to resolve, no goals to work for or improvements to be made? What fun is any of it if it’s all perfect?

That’s what I think Good Omens is about. It’s about the pros and cons of life on earth, about the balance of power in a world which may be a giant chess board, or a complex Solitaire spread, or a disc riding on the backs of four elephants standing on the back of a turtle. Alright, probably not that last one. Good Omens is about right and wrong as opposed to Right and Wrong. It’s about prejudices realised and destinies averted. It’s about free will and whether free will was ever really all that free to begin with. It’s about mad old women who weren’t mad at all when you got right down to it, and it’s about very astute ducks.

And it’s brilliant.

Now, it doesn’t answer any of the Big Questions, really. We still don’t know the question of life, the universe, and everything, although I think Crowley and Aziraphale would have to agree that the answer is most certainly 42. (What is the atomic number of molybdenum? The critical angle of a rainbow? The wildcard character? I’m not even warm, am I? A Coldplay song? Now that can’t be right.) Good Omens does, however, make me smile. And I assume it’s made many other people smile, given how wildly popular it is. Either that, or I’m just reading it dead wrong.

I’m joking, of course. Good Omens is the sort of book that just can’t be read wrong. It’s also the sort of book that is about anything and everything, and possibly nothing at all, depending on how you look at it. (Although the bit about the ducks, that’s incontrovertible.)

So there it is, a book about the apocalypse that wasn’t. It seems we’ve seen quite a few of those in the last decade or two. And with another one due for next year, I think Good Omens is as relevant as ever. Or more so. It’s possibly the most relevant thing I’ve ever written about. (You see, writing about this novel is as close as I’ll ever come to actually having written it, which makes this entire entry rather a lot of wishful thinking.)

Wishful thinking. Dreaming. Questioning. I like to believe that’s the sort of thing we’re meant to do while we’re waiting for heaven or hell or the dark of a Death Cab for Cutie song or whatever it is that comes next. I like to believe that if there’s something or someone out there, up there, anywhere who expects anything of us, that someone/thing appreciates that we wonder, that we ponder, that we challenge superstition and supposition. Because Adam Young said it best: “I don’t see why it matters what is written. Not when it’s about people. It can always be crossed out.”

Royal Weddings I’d Like to Be At

In honour of the royal wedding today, during which I will hide in my flat away from the hordes of crazy people, I thought I’d make a little list.

These are the royal weddings I’d like an invite to:

1. Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa

I bet Leia had an awesome do for the occasion.

2. Aragorn King Elessar Telcontar and Arwen

Whatever you do, don’t agree to play drinking games with Gimli at the reception.

3. Prince Henry and Danielle

I heard that Da Vinci designed her dress!

4. King Arthur and Guinevere

Bring in the mead and roast beast!

5. Doctor Who and Marilyn Monroe

Well, he is a time LORD.

Oh, and best wishes to Will and Kate. Many happy returns and all that.

The Whoniverse just got a lot smaller

It’s a sad day for Doctor Who fans as we learn of the death of Elisabeth Sladen, the wonderful Sarah Jane Smith and my namesake. Sladen passed away yesterday, 19th April, at the age of 63, after a battle with cancer.

Sarah Jane was more than just a companion to the Whoniverse, she was a powerhouse of wit, charm, grace, and compassion, and she brought a light to Doctor Who which can only be comparable to the light Elisabeth Sladen brought to this world. Sarah Jane Smith showed us that one does not need the Doctor in order to save the world, she showed us that there is always hope of seeing old friends again, and she showed us that the best adventures are the ones we make for ourselves. Sarah Jane’s loss will reverberate throughout the Whoniverse, and Elisabeth’s will be felt across the globe.

As Russel T. Davies puts it in this BBC article, “The universe was lucky to have Sarah Jane Smith; the world was lucky to have Lis.”

Here’s one for the road.

So…I’m not dead.

Hello, gentle readers. I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’ve been absolutely helpless in my absence. What kept me away for so long, you ask. If you must know, I’m in London! Yes, my friends, I’m in the midst of a brilliant semester abroad in the land of Doctor Who, Being Human, and the most beautiful men on earth. Seriously. I think instead of putting fluoride in the water here, they pour in hotness.

Moving on! I have a few things to share with you, some of which are a bit belated. Give me a break, okay, I had to fly all the way over here (and boy are my arms tired–badum ch!), find a flat, and start classes! Plus, I left my time turner at home. No, really. It’s sitting in my bedroom along with the rest of my Harry Potter memorabilia and the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings action figures that designate me a hopeless nerd.

So, first order of business: Fringe. As you may know, it’s awesome. And the really incredible thing about it, it just keeps getting awesome-er as the series goes on. Exhibit A, Marionette. Creepy, beautiful–all in all, completely wonderful. It really blew me away. Also, not surprisingly, it reminded me of an episode of Buffy. (Some Assembly Required, anyone?)

For your viewing pleasure:

While we’re on the subject of Fringe , I really enjoyed this list from SyFy’s Blastr. Especially the bit about the comic books, which I totally spotted in-episode. I was pretty excited about the Red Arrow and Red Lantern. I recall thinking, “I would go to the other side just to read the comic books” and then scolding myself for my willingness to tear a hole in the fabric of reality simply to satisfy my love of graphic literature.

In other news, I love Joss Whedon. Please, try to contain your shock. The reason I say this is because I introduced a friend to Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog recently and I remembered how badly I wanted to know what happened next. And then I thought about how sad it is that Doctor Horrible II hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen. But, we must console ourselves with the knowledge that Doctor Horrible II probably won’t happen because Joss is busy writing The Avengers (ohmygodyesIcan’twait!) and Neil Patrick Harris is busy working on How I Met Your Mother. Legen–wait for it, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second part of this word is–dary.

Legendary. See what I did there. I referenced HIMYM and I formed the word legendary. Yeah.

Okay, I promise I’m almost done. Two more short super hero themed comments:

1. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Okay, I’m a heterosexual female, but even so, I have to say, she is going to be SO sexy.

2. After the travesty that was this image (I won’t have it sullying the face of my blog), Fox finally released some high quality, fantastic X-Men First Class pictures!

I am pleased. Yes, very pleased.

Right, well, I’ll let you lot get back to reality, and I’ll continue looking up pictures of super heroes on the internet. Hey, I lead a full life.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing NBC’s The Cape, so stay tuned.

Because the BBC is Awesome…

We shall now have (drum roll, please) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency as a television show! Anyone who has read or seen Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and/or anyone who is a Doctor Who fan should be excited about this. Originally a novel by Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a great romp (as are all of Adams’ works) which was inspired by writing Adams did for Doctor Who in the late seventies.


I would highly encourage everyone to tune in to the new series if you can manage, and also to read the “increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s trilogy” (consisting of five books by Douglas Adams and one by Eoin Colfer). Oh, yes, and watch Doctor Who. Try especially hard to find the old Tom Baker episodes that Adams penned. You won’t find better comedy.

To learn more about Adams and how Doctor Who made Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency possible, click here.