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A Super(natural) Wednesday!

Ladies and gentleman, it is official! CW has picked up our favourite demon hunting duo for a seventh season!

Sam and Dean are pretty excited.

They try to play it cool, but we know how they really feel.

That’s right, Dean, let it all out.

Sam just had to hug someone. Poor sod never knew what hit him….

Misha Collins expressed his excitement on Twitter a few hours ago with this goofy tweet:

Not to worry. The bad news regarded ice cream.

According to The CW’s press release, Supernatural, which pulls in about 2 million viewers a week, has “dramatically contributed to year-to-year gains on Friday of 66% in adults 18-34 and 60% in viewers,” making it a shoe-in for another season. Oh, CW, aren’t you glad you didn’t cancel the show after the 5th season? Yes, it was only a year ago that we thought Supernatural was done for, kaput, finito, off to a television graveyard where it would rest peacefully with Firefly, Dark Angel, Dollhouse, and countless other gems. But providence–er, awesome ratings–smiled upon us, and they’ve done so again!

So, Ghost Facers, hunters, and hapless human victims alike, rejoice! Our beloved Supernatural lives!