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Post-Potter Depression

Oh please, like you lot didn’t see this one coming a mile away.

Yes, my friends, it’s over. I’ve seen the film twice. I’ve suited up (a Hogwarts uniform counts, right?) for the midnight premier. I’ve begun re-reading The Philosopher’s Stone. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and it really has changed my life.

I’ve expressed all these conflicting emotions in my tumblr post here–hang on, I haven’t told you about my tumblr yet?! Oh, well, it’s very much like this blog, except the url reads “thenewsarahjane” instead of “p0serge3k” and there are rather more GIFs floating about and I rant less. Feel free to check it out.

Or just enjoy this lovely visual of my post-Potter depression:

It hurts so good!

Also, you should all know that RG is quite possibly my soul mate, as evidenced by this little tidbit:

The director of “The Prisoner of Azkaban” gave Daniel, Emma and Rupert homework. They had to write an essay on their character. Daniel wrote 10 pages, Emma submitted a well written and beautifully detailed 60 pages, and Rupert didn’t hand in anything. When confronted he just said, “I’m doing what Ron would do”.